Online registration will close Wednesday before the race! There will be late and day-of registration at Ranch Rudolf on Friday, July 20 from 4-7pm and then from 7-8:30am before the race. Late and day-of registration will be an additional $10. 


40 Mile Race

Men's Elite
Women's Expert/Elite (All Ages) 
Men's Expert 49 and Under
Men's Expert 50+

Singlespeed Open

40 Mile Tour (Non-Competitive) 

25 Mile Race

Men's Sport 19-29
Men's Sport 30-29
Men's Sport 30-39
Men's Sport 40-49
Men's Sport 50+

Women's Sport 29 and Under
Women's Sport 30-39
Women's Sport 40-49
Women's Sport 50+

Fat Bike Open 

25 Mile Tour

8 Mile Kid's Race presented by Norte Youth Cycling